Bank of Ireland Scholarship Desk Application Form
What -BOI’s scholarship desks will house: startups, researchers, NGOS and multinationals looking to set up operations in the region. We are giving those in need, a desk in our sponsored space while they tackle a specific business goal.

Requirements of Scholars
- Must have a time bound goal that they are taking the desk to achieve.
- Must follow the house rules of the space, failure to do so will result in termination of scholarship agreement.
- Must send BOI monthly update on progress.
- Must complete end of scholarship review with BOI & the space provider.

- Apply by completing this form.
- We will review and notify the Startup and the space provider of a start date and end date of scholarship.
- We will schedule end of scholarship review with Startup & space provider.

What space are you applying for?

Applicant Name

Company Name (if applicable)

Phone Number

What specific goal do you want to achieve?

How Long Will It Take You To Achieve This Goal? How did you calculate this?

Our scholarship spaces are limited. Why do you deserve one?

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